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The world of my fantasies

by Svetlana Husser - June 13th, 2014.
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Here are some of my fantasy drawings:


The Story teller

Once I had this dream that there lives a man, who writes dreams… After he finishes them, he gives them to the crows, who serve him, and they bring these dreams to sleeping children.

Story teller


The world behind closed eyes

This drawing was more an expression of my emotions during that time. My soul was longing for something that was so far away… I wished I had wings




Thinking about you

This drawing was my first real attempt to draw a man’s figure. I am very fond of viking’s culture and so the man happened to be a viking, who came to a lonesome shore thinking of his loved one… And she is thinking about him as well.



Once upon a time…

This drawing was mostly inspired by the drawings of Alan Lee. He also has a drawing of a creature writing something in an old book. So I started copying that drawing but very quickly it took the life of it’s own and turned out to be completely different from the original.




Rapunzel in her tower. She was cut from the real world so she created a world of her own…


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